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Chair of Governors End of Year Letter to Parents

18 July 2015

Dear Parents and Carers,

As Chair of the School Governors, I wanted to give you some feedback on our activities over the past year. It has been challenging, with quite a heavy workload of school improvements, but I’m pleased to say that our meetings have been highly focussed on supporting Mrs Longstaff to drive up standards to benefit every child at Britannia. We have developed a sense of real pride in the achievements our school have made this year.

So what do Governors do? Governors get on and do things which you most probably don’t realise happen: health and safety walks around the school; finance checks to ensure accountability; analysing pupils progress through the school; keeping tabs on projects within the school; building relationships with staff and pupils; supporting and challenging the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team; interviewing potential staff members; making sure that school policies are up-to-date and are part of the culture of Britannia. The list goes on but we enjoy what we do and are proud to be part of the Britannia School community.

Last summer we had the new classroom built to ensure we had enough space for our enlarged Reception class. The trim trail was repositioned but unfortunately Governors didn’t feel it was put in a place safe enough for our children to use. This will be addressed during the summer break. We have had classrooms refurbished; Mrs Longstaff and Mrs Dempsey, the school bursar, swapped offices; a new, safer school entrance was installed; we had the staff toilets refurnished (one is now the photocopy room) and two classrooms were linked for the Reception class. Governors approved spending to buy curriculum resources such as Mathletics, as well as the purchase of a class set of iPads which are helping children to extend and expand their opportunities for learning. There will be some further changes this summer with a new fence being put up around the front of the school, new electric gates further up the drive and better security around the building which will all mean our children are kept safe and the school remains secure. The Governors have also decided that the cost and administration of our school minibuses have been excessive, and so these will be soon be returned to the lease company.

In January, we welcomed Mr Toddington, our new Deputy Headteacher, who has settled in well. Shortly after his arrival, we were visited by Ofsted and following the RI judgement, Governors have fully supported school in driving the necessary changes and improvements needed throughout the school. We were delighted that many of the improvements suggested by the Ofsted Inspectors were acknowledged in the report as already being addressed by the school. The school improvement plan was amended and Britannia’s achievements were recognised when HMI visited school again for a monitoring visit in March. Governors are extremely pleased with the efforts staff have made towards ensuring our children receive the education they deserve. Our teachers have put our children first and Governors would like to thank all our staff for their hardwork this year.

Additionally, the Governors would like to thank all our children for their positive attitudes and excellent behaviour this year. They are a real credit to the school, to parents and to the teachers. Our Year 6 children have just received their SATs results and Governors are very proud of the efforts every child put into achieving the best results Britannia has seen in many years. They have done the school proud and they should be very pleased with their results. We wish our Year 6 children well on the next stage in their life.

We have had a number of new members join the Governors this term – we welcomed Katie Turner and Morris Stemp who join us as Co-opted Governors. We have vacancies on the Board for two Community Governors so if you are interested, or know someone from the community who would really help the school, please let me know.

Governors might work largely in the background but we are committed to supporting the Head, the staff, the pupils and you, our parents. If you would like to talk to Governors about anything in school, please contact me through the school office.

We hope that you have a restful summer break and we look forward to the new school year in September.

Kind regards

Debbie Wroe, Chair of Governors

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Walk and Talk in aid of Cancer Research UK

We look forward to seeing you at our Walk & Talk in memory of Mrs Davies on the afternoon of Tuesday 21st July. Refreshments will be provided by the PTFA if the weather is nice! Donations in aid of Cancer Research UK can be made by either putting it into the bucket in the school office or donating on our Just Giving page,

Posted on July 16, 2015

Year 5/6 Football Final

Well done to our Football Team who took part in the Final against Waterfoot on Monday. The score was 2-1 to Waterfoot but they played really well and we are extremely proud of them all.

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60 backpacks for Mary’s Meals

Many thanks for all donations made towards the Mary’s Meals Backpack Appeal. On Friday 10th July we despatched over 60 complete backpacks and a large box of extras which are now on their journey to Malawi. Your contributions are much appreciated!

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