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Are you ready for the new school year?

It’s exactly a week until the school doors open to welcome our children for the 2015/16 academic year. We will be welcoming 30 new Reception Class children into Mrs Cameron’s class and, as we’ve had a little change round internally, we know everyone is excited to take their seats in their new classrooms. So are you ready?

We thought you’d like a Quick List of things you need or might want to consider:

  • School uniform
    • Firstly, please make sure all items of clothing worn or brought into school are labelled to help us return misplaced items quickly.
    • The school uniform for Reception to Year 5 children consists of a Bottle Green Sweater or Cardigan; White polo shirt or shirt/blouse; Grey or Black trousers, school shorts or skirt; White, Grey, Bottle Green or Black socks or tights and Black shoes or sensible boots. For Year 6 children, the Sweater/Cardigan is Black.
    • Schoolwear bearing the Britannia logo can be purchased from Ann’s Childrenswear in Bacup.
    • Canvas pumps or trainers are not acceptable footwear for school. Shoes with excessive adornments such as dangly charms, chains, sequins, logos etc are not appropriate for school. Any child wearing inappropriate footwear will be asked to change.
    • The PE uniform consists of a White PE t-shirt, Black shorts/skort and suitable trainers/pumps for indoor and outdoor sports. If your daughter regularly attends school in tights, it may be worthwhile including a pair of socks in her PE bag to ensure her trainers/pumps are comfortable during the activities.
    • Suitable outdoor coats are encouraged. The weather in Britannia can be difficult to predict so please ensure your child has a warm, waterproof coat/jacket for Autumn/Winter. Please write their name inside the coat.
  • The school day
    • Please don’t be late for school. Officially, school starts at 8.55am and ends at 3.25pm. Doors open for our Wake and Shake Club at 8.45am – this is a great way for your child to start the day with a short, energetic burst to shake off the morning blues and get them ready for learning!
    • We cannot be responsible for children who arrive at school before 8.45am. Please do not leave your children alone on the play park or on the school yard before this time.
    • KS1 children will only be released when the teacher sees a parent/guardian. They will not be allowed to walk down the drive alone. KS2 children are encouraged to stay on school grounds until a parent/guardian is seen by them. Any KS2 child left after school will be encouraged to return to the school office and wait there.
    • Lunch is served in our Main Hall for all children. We have a rota system to ensure every year group has the chance to enjoy lunch with their friends.
    • Hot school meals are prepared in our kitchens and follow Lancashire County Council’s healthy menus. They free for Key Stage One children and cost £2.20 for KS2 children. You can pay up front termly or weekly, or alternatively your child can ask for one on the day. Children are also welcome to bring in a Packed Lunch but please make sure they don’t being in unhealthy, sugary snacks. You know what your child likes to eat but don’t be tempted to put too much into the lunch box. A sandwich, fruit, veg sticks, a smoothie or fruity drink, and a small biscuit is often enough.
    • Socialising over mealtimes is very important and we will be encouraging children to strike up conversations with the person they’re sat next to. Help your child practise by suggesting things they could talk about or ask their friends about.
    • At morning break, our kitchen staff provide toast for children at 20p a slice. If your child prefers something else, they are welcome to bring in a healthy morning snack. You can also send in fruit for the afternoon break.
  • Where do we enter school?
    • Reception children will be welcomed by Mrs Cameron through her classroom door. The rest of the infants enter via the KS1 door near the School Office. KS2 children will be welcomed in by a member of staff through the KS2 door.
  • Anything else?
    • Children who sleep well, learn well. We recommend all children get a good night’s sleep during the school week. Why not try getting back into the early-to-bed routine now?
    • Breakfast before school is key to ensuring children concentrate on learning and behave well during the day. Good energy-releasing, healthy breakfasts include Weetabix, Porridge or Ready Brek and Museli. Try topping them with your child’s favourite fruits or honey. Boiled eggs with toast soliders are also good.
    • KS2 children can bring in a bottle/sports bottle filled with water. Please do not fill the bottle with cordials, fizzy or other sugary drinks.
    • Encourage your child to get involved in extra curricular clubs and classes – this is a great way to make new friends. These activities will be promoted throughout the year.
    • Lancashire Music Service offers private and group music and voice lessons for all KS2 children. For more information, please talk to Mrs Dempsey in the office.
    • Swimming lessons will be scheduled for KS2 children. More details to follow.
    • Make sure you are kept up to date with the latest news and events at Britannia. If you have changed your mobile number or have never given it us, please inform the office. School text messages are a vital way that school can keep you informed about snow closures, clubs, trips and event. We also send out a weekly newsletter so make sure you’re the first to receive it by giving us your email address.
    • School cannot authorise family holidays in term time. Please make sure that holidays are only booked during school closures. Please also book health appointments such as doctors and dentists, outside of school hours to minimise disruption to your child’s learning. Many health appointments can easily be booked during the lunch hour (12noon to 1pm).
    • Who not join the PTFA? The school community group helps fundraise for the benefit of all the children at Britannia. Meetings will be advertised in the newsletter and all newcomers are welcome.

If there’s anything you’d like to discuss about school, please contact the office. Mrs Dempsey will be happy to assist.

See you all at 8.45am on Monday 7th September bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for a fabulous new academic year of learning!

Posted on August 31, 2015