Welcome to Reception

Teacher: Mrs Isherwood

Level 3 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bromley

Level 3 Teaching Assistant/Phonics Intervention (part time): Mrs Greenwood

We strive to create a happy, creative environment where your child can thrive and reach their full potential.  We are always available at the end of the day if you wish to speak to us about anything!

Our topic this half term (Autumn 1) – Me and My Family

Please send any WOW moments to me on the email address below:

Welcome to EYFS! Mrs Bromley and I have been so pleased with how well the children have settled in already.


Please remember to sent in £1.50 Piggy Money each Monday for your child’s daily snack and additional resources.

If your child is on packed lunches please make sure that all grapes are cut in half length-ways!

Please see the weekly newsletters (which are emailed to all parents on a Friday) for important information and dates. Please note that there are a couple of Newsletters missing from last half term due to internet and computer problems within school.

Weekly Newsletters:

Please make sure that all clothing is labelled! If you are missing any items, please see a member of the Reception Team.

In Reception, and the rest of KS1, we are having a big push on reading. All the children have daily phonics lessons in small groups and some children will be receiving additional support from Mrs Greenwood.

Once your child has completed enough sounds in their phonics lessons, and they are confident, we will begin to send books home for them to look at with you. Please do not worry if your child has already had some books from nursery… We are aiming for fluency (being able to read approximately 75%-90% of words on sight). Your child will not be moved up a reading level until they are fluent on their current books.

Every child will read to either the teacher or a TA on a Thursday, as well as one or more other days in the week. It would be great if you could aim to read with your child at least 3 times a week. 

All of the children in Reception are great little mathematicians. We carry out investigations involving number, shape, space and measure on a daily basis. Please support your child at home by doing lots of counting games as well as shape hunts. If you need any further ideas please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mrs Isherwood.


Useful links for Phonics: