Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Hello!  A very warm welcome to Year 6!  My name is Mrs Nuttall and I am delighted to be teaching Year 6 this year!  I work very closely alongside Mrs Lord who is our full time classroom assistant.  Mrs Smith also works every morning with us and Miss Moores joins us for a few sessions per week.

The Park and Ice Cream

We had picnic in the park after working so hard for SATs and then were surprised when an ice-cream van came to school!  A great end to SATs week!

After SATs Walk

We spent the Friday of SATs week exploring the beautiful countryside we live in.  We had a great walk and then used natural resources to create sculptures based on the work of Andy Goldsworthy!  


Bulb Planting

Lots of the children enjoyed planting daffodil bulbs with John.  We are looking forward to seeing them grow in the spring.

Sport Ambassador Training

Our Young Leaders had a great time training and even met an England Hockey Player.

HeartStart Training

Thank you to the volunteers from HeartStart, we are now all fully trained in basic first aid.  What a fantastic opportunity!

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Trip to Manchester Museum

We had a lovely day at Manchester Museum where we studied how animals are adapted to the rainforest in our workshop ‘Rainforest Investigators’, followed by a look around the other exhibits after lunch.

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