2013_Britannia_LOW-DSP0155At Britannia, we have a range of statutory and non-statutory policies and procedures in place. These are not to create strict rules but instead ensure all our children, staff, parents, governors and community are kept safe. These guidelines help the school run smoothly and aid parents in understanding key principles.

Please click on the links below to view the policies. If you require any further guidance or paper copies of these or other policies, please contact Mrs Dempsey in the school office on 01706 874447.

Admissions Policy: britannia-school-admissions-policy-2016

Accessibility Pan: Accessibility Plan – Nov 2014

Anti-Bullying Policy: anti-bullying-policy-september-2016-britannia

British Values Policy: Britannia British Values Policy November 2016

Behaviour & Discipline Policy: Behaviour Discipline Policy – November 2017

Calculation Policy: britannia-calculation-policy-2

Charging & Remissions Policy: charging-and-remissions-policy-2016-march

Complaints Procedure: Britannia Complaints procedure 2017

Curriculum Policy: curriculum-policy-statement

Equalities Policy: Equalities Policy March 2016

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy: eyfs-policy

Homework Policy: homework-policy

Lettings Policy: Lettings Policy March 2016

Medicine in School Policy: medicine-in-school

Moving on from Levels information: Moving On From Levels

Online Safety Policy: britannia-online-safety-policy-july-2016-copy

Presentation & Homework Policy: Presentation and Homework policy March 2016

PSHE Policy: PSHE & C Policy 2016

Reading Policy: reading-policy-2016

Religious Education Policy: RE Policy January 2017

Safeguarding  and Child Protection Policy: Safeguarding-Policy-Britannia-CP-School-November-2016

Smoke-free Policy: school-smoke-free-policy-rev-oct-16

Snow & Bad Weather Statement: snow-and-bad-weather-statement-2016

Special Educational Needs Policy: 2017 SEN policy Britannia

SRE Policy: sre-policy-britannia-sept-2016

Teaching & Learning Policy: Teaching and Learning Policy

Writing Policy: writing-policy-2016