Governing Body

Welcome to the Governors page of the website. Here you’ll find details about the work of the Governors, the names of Britannia’s Governors and how to contact them.

The Board of Governors of Britannia School is made up of different people from the community. Some are parents of children at the school while others have an interest in community-based activities. The Governors have a wide range of skills and experience which they use in their work as a Governor from education, business, industry and clerical.

Below is a list of the current Board of Governors. To view each governor’s committee membership, governor responsibilities, term of office and category of governor, please click here:Register-of-business-interests-Governors-2018

Mr Morris Stemp ( Chair )

Mr Simon Milnes ( Vice Chair)

Mrs Natalie Longstaff (Headteacher)

Mrs Gill Taylor

Mrs Debbie Wroe

Rev. David Brae

Mrs S.Arif

Mrs Jenna Jennings

Mrs T.Ainsworth

Mrs Katie Turner

Mr Tim Simpson

Mr David Toddington (Deputy Headteacher)

Mr G Wilkinson

The Governors meet regularly throughout the school year. They have three Full Governing Body meetings a year, one in each term. They also have committee meetings focused on specific areas of the school; these include the Resources Committee, Standards and Effectiveness Committee and Curriculum Committee along with other, smaller working groups and committees. The work the Governors do is vital to the effective management of the school. They ensure the children of Britannia School receive the very best school experience and education possible. The Governors share the vision and aims of Mrs Longstaff and the Senior Leadership Team and work hard to challenge and support the school through every area.

Following the last Full Governing Body , there are no Declarations of Business Interests from Governors. This means that no-one on the Governing Body has any strategic involvement in any businesses which supply products or services to school. Click here for the latest Governors’ Register of Business Interests: Register-of-business-interests-Governors-2018 or contact the school office on 01706 874447.

Here we publish the list of attendees at the last school year’s Governing Body meetings: 2017-2018 Governor attendance at meetings.

Here is a list of attendees at Governing Body meetings which have happened so far this year in 2018-2019. Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2018-2019

The Governors welcome your feedback and invite you to let them know how they can help you and your children in school. If you would like to contact the Governors, please call the school office for details. The Governors would be happy to have a informal chat or a more formal meeting, whichever you prefer.