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Our learning this week - wb 20.09.2021

Date: 24th Sep 2021 @ 11:26am

What a busy week we have had in Reception! 

Our story in English this week has been Superworm. So on Monday we went on our very own worm walk! The children were amazed at how many worms we found and they learnt that if you stomp on the ground it makes the worms come to the surface because they think that it is raining.

We have also been making our own Super Hero Super Healthy Soup in the outdoor kitchen. The children were presented with corn inside its husk. They had no idea what it was until they began to peel it. They have also smelt and played with basil, mint and coriander. The children have also used a child-friendly grater – they will now be experts in grating your cheese at home!

We also began our phonics lessons this week. The children have learnt – m a s d. I have included below a copy of the sounds and also the rhyme we use for forming the letter. Please have a go with these with your child at home.

Vocabulary we have learnt/are still learning this week:

smooth – very soft

moist – a little bit wet


villain - bad guy


freeze - stand very, very still


recycle - to use something again

For these maths words, you could make towers of blocks with your child to discover different heights. You could also make lines of pasta or Smarties to work out length.

impeccable - perfect



Please have a look at these words with your child to help them use them in their play and conversations.

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