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PE in Our School


At Britannia we follow the ‘Spirit of the Games School Games Values.’ The six School Games values - Passion, Self-Belief, Respect, Honesty, Determination and Teamwork - were developed to recognise how the experience of sport should be epitomised and embodied within schools, and to reflect the 'spirit' of the School Games.

These are spoken about in PE lessons and reflected in clubs and sporting events.

We intend to allow children opportunities to compete in competitions in both inclusive and competitive scenarios. We emphasise good sportsmanship, truthfulness and respect over winning.


At Britannia we employ highly trained coaches to deliver some of our PE lessons. They are all trained to deliver the Lancashire SOW and deliver sessions that focus on skills rather than sports.

We aim to target the fundamental skills in KS1 so that when children move to KS2 they are competent to access the KS2 skills.

We encourage Level 1 competitions which means that we encourage children to challenge themselves and only themselves against their personal best. This allows children to better themselves and not worry about what others are doing so that they can concentrate on setting their own goals and achieving them.

Each unit of PE should concentrate on key skills. We are not teaching children how to play sports at Britannia we are teaching skills through playing sports such as; Netball, cricket and rounders. Differentiation takes place across our lessons and a curriculum tailored to train for Level 3 competitions take place throughout the year.

A level 2 competition should take place at the end of each unit between children in a class so that there is a level of competition and chance for assessment by coaches. There should also be a core task performed in order to assess the competency of each child. This should be recorded on the app created by Lancashire which works alongside the Lancashire PE schemes of work.

We enter Level 3 competitions regularly at Britannia and try to involve as many children in these as we can. We also have a calendar of ‘Inclusion Competitions’ ensuring that SEN and less active children are involved in these. The onus is not on winning at Britannia, it is the taking part.


Children are confident in KS1 with their skills so that when they come to KS2 they can access the KS2 curriculum. If there are children who have not mastered these fundamental moves then they should carry on practising these as they are at the core of each PE lesson. This is to be discussed between teachers when moving year groups and key stages. Children should be assessed against the LO’s which can be picked from the app and the Lancashire SOW to fit alongside the picture of video evidence taken from the lesson. Children will then have a portfolio which will travel through school with them.




In all of the competitions we enter here at Britannia, we pride ourselves on our teamwork, effort and good sportsmanship. 

Competitions that we have entered in 2020/2021 so far:

Our competitions this year will be virtual to begin with so watch this space to see how we get on!



Physical Education
Physical Education is extremely important at Britannia CP School and is led by Miss Rothwell. Britannia is part of the Rossendale School Sports Partnership which enables our pupils to receive sessions delivered by professional sports coaches from the Rossendale Leisure Trust, enables that staff at school receive up-to-date training and children are able to take part in a wide range of competitions at various locations throughout the valley.

At present we hold the Sainsbury’s School Games Gold award!

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We follow and promote the Sainsbury’s ‘Spirit of the Games’ Values which are:

Our coaches and teachers discuss these with our students and reward those following these values.

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