‘Every child counts, every moment matters’

Staff List

Headteacher: Mrs Longstaff

Deputy Headteacher: Mr Toddington

KS1 Leader: Mrs C Nuttall
KS2 Leader: Mr D Toddington

Teaching Staff 2021/2022 Academic Year
Year 6: Miss Connolly (Computing, Pupil Premium and MFL lead)
Year 5: Mr Toddington (Maths, Assessment and  Curriculum lead) SLT
Year 4: Miss Holmes (Geography and History lead/Behaviour) 
Year 3: Miss Rothwell (Science, Eco-Council and PE lead)
Year 2: Mrs Nuttall (SENCO, English lead) SLT
Year 1: Miss Birch (Art and DT lead)
Reception: Mrs Isherwood (EYFS and RE lead)

Mrs Seamans: 

Teaching Assistants

HLTA: Mrs Taylor (Music Leader, Staff Governor)
TA L3:  Mrs Broadbelt, Mrs Bromley, Mrs Kennedy-Greenwood
TA L2: Miss Nestor, Mrs Lord,

Bursar: Mrs J Dempsey

Office Support and Mid Day Leader: Ms Rickerby

Mid-Day Supervisors
Miss Dawson
Miss Maggs
Mr Smith

Site Supervisor: Mr Wilkinson

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