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Uniform List
Trousers: Black or grey. Shorts are allowed in warm weather periods but should be black or grey. Jeans are not permitted.

Skirts: Black or grey and of a suitable length.

Dresses: Pinafore dresses are allowed (black or grey); green gingham dresses are also permitted.

Shirts: White school shirts or white polo shirts (with or without the school logo).

Blouses: White.

Jumpers/ cardigans – Green (with or without school logo)

Sweatshirts: From Reception to Y5, school sweatshirts are green (with or without logo). In Y6, they are black, with the school logo.

Fleeces: Green (with or without school logo).

Tights should be black, grey or green and knee length socks should be white or grey.

Shoes should be black and suitable for school wear. This does not include trainers or fashion boots (such as Uggs).

PE Kit: Black pumps/plimsolls, green shorts and green t-shirt (with school logo).

If the children are taking PE outside, they may be allowed track suit bottoms (at the teacher’s discretion). Trainers will be allowed for outdoor PE. Parents will be informed if lessons could be completed outdoors. Given our beautiful school grounds, this is likely to occur.

Swimming kit: In Years 3, 4 and 5, the children go swimming once a week for part of the year.

Girl’s costumes should be one piece costumes (no bikinis).

Boys should wear trunks, not long shorts.

If your child has long hair, they will have to wear a hat. These are available from the pool or from school.

(All of our school uniform is available from Ann’s of Bacup – on Rochdale Road).

Our final request is that all school clothing is labelled. This makes life easier for the child, the teacher and for the parent!

Please see files to download for our uniform policy.

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