‘Every child counts, every moment matters’

Year 6 2021 - 2022

Miss Connolly

Y6 class teacher, Computing, Spanish and Pupil Premium lead.

Miss Nestor



Welcome to Year 6! The teacher in Year 6 is Miss Connolly and our wonderful TA is Miss Nestor. On a Monday afternoon, Year 6 are taught by Mrs Seamans. We are looking forward to working your amazing children again and can't wait to see what we get up to this year in Year 6!

WB 2nd November 2021:

What a busy week we have had since coming back to school! We have enjoyed starting to make our frames for our DT automata toys and our sawing skills are wonderful! In English, we have started to look at biographies and in Maths, we have been looking at multiples, factors, common multiples and common factors. In Spanish, we learnt how to ask someone their name and respond with 'My name is...' too. We have enjoyed celebrating Diwali which also links in with our RE topic this half term of Hinduism. Year 6 have also started a new Music unit of Classroom Jazz with Mrs Partington. 

WB 8th November 2021:

Another busy week in Year 6. We have been continuing with our learning in English and have really enjoyed doing some copycat reading and discussing what each line of the biography tells us when reading out loud with our magic microphones. We have also been doing some excellent magpie-ing of vocabulary, as well as exploring vocabulary using techniques such as semantic mapping and thinking around the word. We have been using the glue guns to assemble the components of our automata frames and have been thinking carefully about the different cam profiles for our mechanisms, as well as which ones we might choose to fit our design briefs. We enjoyed recapping numbers 1-12 in Spanish this week through lots of different activities and games, as well as asking everyone what they are called and responding with our names! Fantastic retrieval skills. We have looked at War Poetry as part of History and created some lovely Remembrance watercolour poems, based on 'In Flander's Fields'.  PE focuses on Cricket with Rossendale Leisure Trust and Creative Games with Miss Connolly this half term. We also continued to showcase our amazing performance skills in Music! In Science, we looked at what inheritance meant and learnt lots of new vocabulary such as: vary, identical, offspring, characteristics and inherit. We then applied this learning to our Little Miss and Mr Men activity, thinking about what their offspring would look like. What would they inherit from each parent?

WB 15th November 2021:

Busy, busy, busy! We have carried on immersing ourselves in the world of Walt Disney in our English biographies topic. Ask us to tell you a fact or several. We have been looking at fractions in Maths and using our knowledge of multiples and factors, to simplify, compare, order, add and subtract. We have been using comparing using: diagrams, particularly bar models, same denominators, greater than and less than to name but a few. Year 6 have started a new topic of Electricity in Science and came up with some excellent initial ideas. As part of Anti Bullying week, we have had a big focus on the theme of One Kind Word. We participated in a live Anti Bullying Week lesson as part of PSHE, looked at cyberbullying and the different forms that this can take in Computing and the culmination of this was a VR workshop which we all thoroughly enjoyed. We have also started our new History topic of the Industrial Revolution and have already been doing some excellent discussing and exploring, as well as asking some amazing enquiry questions. We have also started to learn about Los Colores in Spanish.

WB 22nd November 2021:

The highlight of our week this week has most definitely been Bikeability where the instructors commented on how amazing the children have been and how excellent they have been, particularly when they have been taken out on the road!


Our PE days are a Thursday and a Friday so please send your children into school with their PE kits on these days. In the rare event PE is moved to another day or cancelled, I will send you a message via the School Spider app to inform you so please make sure you are checking this regularly and have notifications switched on.

Homework will be set on Google Classroom in a grid format. Some of the activities will need to be completed daily, some weekly and some over the half term. Your logins are the same as they were in Year 5. 

In 'files to download' (green), I have uploaded our PSHE and newsletter for this half term (Autumn 2) which informs you of our curriculum learning for this half term but also of any extra-curricular/additional activities which may be happening in school and important dates. I have also uploaded a copy of our class timetable for this term, our yearly overview which details our learning across the year and our homework grid. A copy of the Powerpoint from our welcome meeting can also be found here, as can the homework grid which is on Google Classroom.

Celebration of work: 

Watch this space!

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