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This week in Reception... wb 13.09.2021

Date: 17th Sep 2021 @ 11:09am

What an amazing week we have had in Reception! We have been learning about how to take deep breaths to calm down if we are a little upset and we have been learning about the Britannia Bee Rules.

The children have made their own train and have encouraged everyone to join in. They are such lovely, kind children.

This week we have been looking at things that match, for example, matching pairs of socks and also items that go together (knife and fork, cup and saucer). If you could look at this at home with your child that would be very helpful.

The children have also made magic potions with their Year 6 Gardener - I am sure you loved taking the concoctions home!


Vocabulary we have learnt/are still learning this week:

ruckus - making a lot of noise

matching - the same

pair - two

Makaton - a way to talk with your hands

ridiculous - very silly

Please have a look at these words with your child to help them use them in their play and conversations.


We have been running the Reception Baseline Assessment which is almost all complete.





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