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Year 6H Home Learning

Hello Year 6 (and families),

If your child is having to self-isolate or our class bubble closes, this is where their home learning will be. Myself or Mrs Lord will meet with them every morning and afternoon to discuss their work for the day on Google Meet and to go through the work that they have done. The home learning plan is broken down into days so please just follow the row of learning dependent on what date it is.

The links on the planning will take you to the resources etc but I have also attached the worksheets for Maths etc in 'files to download'. Your child should have a yellow exercise book, so please do not feel as though you need to be printing everything off, as your child can just record their learning in their yellow exercise book.

Please follow the plan here if you have internet access: Home Learning Option A

Please follow the plan here if you do not have internet access: Home Learning Option B

(Plan B is based on the CGP Maths Workout book and the CGP Comprehension book that your child has at home. They SHOULD NOT be writing in this book at any other time). 

Following Option A is preferred, as this matches the learning that we are doing in school. 

If you have any queries, or absolutely anything that you need me for, please don't hesitate to get in touch via email at s.connolly@britannia.lancs.sch.uk. 

I will upload relevant links and resources each week. Please send your child's work to me if they are at home so I can check in with them, as well as with their home learning. 

Thank you for all of your support. It is much appreciated.

Miss Connolly 

For home learning this week, please follow WEEK 5.

Arithmetic wc 30th Nov

For Arithmetic, please see Google Classroom.

Maths Resources wc 30th Nov (There are no Tuesday resources due to us having a History curriculum morning in school. Please see plan for this learning.)

Monday Worksheet

Monday Answers

Wednesday Worksheet

Wednesday Answers

Thursday Worksheet

Thursday Answers

Friday Worksheet

Friday Answers

Maths Reasoning

Reasoning 1

Reasoning 2

Grammar Resources Weds 2nd December


History Resources Tues 1st December

Timeline - Chronology

History Lesson 1 IR Pictures

Only using slides 5-9: Look at slides 5-9

Lesson 2 - Railways IR

Character Cards - Will they think the railways are a negative or a positive thing?


Practise Y3-6 statutory words on class webpage and follow the links on the home learning plan to spelling lessons.


Make sure you are keeping active every day!


Please make sure you are doing at least 20-30 minutes of independent reading daily. 

Files to Download

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