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Year 6B Home Learning

Home Learning Year 6B:  19th-22nd October


Hope you are all keeping well and are ready for a week of home learning.  We are going to Google Meet every day at 9.20am and 2.00pm and I am looking forward to seeing you all.  Don't forget to switch your devices on early to get them ready to go.

This week may be a learning curve for us all so keep calm, keep smiling and just keep trying your best.


Google Classroom  - instructions with photos in Files to Download.

Click here for Google Classroom and log in with the details you have been given.

From here you should be able to see Google Classroom but if you can't, find the 9 dots (the waffle) at the top right of the page next to your first inital.  Click on those and you should see Google Classroom.

Then click on the Meet Link underneath Year 6B.  

It won't let you on until I am logged in so just be patient if you are early.

The Stream on Google Classroom

The Stream must be used correctly with proper English and punctuation please - no text language.

The Stream is not a 'chat' facility but you may comment on it to support your friends with their learning.

I will activate The Stream following Monday morning's Google Meet.

Work in your blue book or on Google Classroom

Work must be completed to a high standard - just like when we are at school.  All spelling and punctuation must be accurate and it must not be written in 'text' speak.

Remember to write the date and Learning Objective.

Work for the week

The work which I have planned can all be completed in your blue book so that you don't need to keep printing work off at home.  I will put one daily task on google classroom if you want to complete it on there instead of your blue book. 

See Files to Download for weekly plans.


You need to timetable in at least 30 mins of independent reading daily.


Practise these daily in your blue book:  identity, immediate, immediately, individual, interfere, interrupt, language, leisure, lightning, marvellous.


If you do not have access to the internet, an alternative activity has been planned.  The resources for these need to be collected from school - please ring the school office prior to collecting.


I am available during the day (unless I am in a meeting)  if you are finding the work challenging and can Google Meet with you.  At the moment, you will need to contact me via the Stream or email to let me know you need help: c.nuttall@britannia.lancs.sch.uk

You can also contact Mrs Lord on: c.lord@britannia.lancs.sch.uk

Files to Download

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