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Year 6B Home Learning

Home Learning Year 6B

Good Morning.

Please see Files to Download for the plan of learning activities for each day.

Google Meets will take place at 9.30am and 2.15pm.

If your child needs a device in order to access the learning today, please contact school asap.

Thank you



Welcome to the Year 6B homelearning page.  This page is to be used if your child is isolating, whether the class bubble is open or closed.  If you need any help and support, please email me on c.nuttall@britannia.lancs.sch.uk

If the Year 6B bubble is closed and I am well, Google Meets and online teaching will take place throughout the day but if the bubble is open, I will be teaching in school.  .  In the case that your child is isolating but the bubble is open, either Mrs Nuttall or Mrs Lord will try to 'Google Meet' with your child each day (to be arranged).

Work if your child is isolating

I have planned work which blends with the learning in the classroom (Option A).  In order to access this, you will need the internet.  See 'Home Learning with Internet' in Files to Download.  Go to the correct day and ask your child to follow the lessons using the weblinks.

If you do not have access to the internet, an alternative activity has been planned (Option B).  You will need to look for 'Home Learning without Internet' in files to download  or collect this plan from school.  Your child will work from the CGP books and in their exercise book for the writing task.

Google Classroom  - instructions with photos in Files to Download.

Click here for Google Classroom and log in with the details you have been given.  Please keep your child's login details safe in a place where you can check back - you will have received an email with them on and a good idea is to take a screen shot of them to refer back.

From the link you should be able to see Google Classroom but if you can't, find the 9 dots (the waffle) at the top right of the page next to your first inital.  Click on those and you should see Google Classroom.

Then click on the Meet Link underneath Year 6B.  

It won't let you on until I am logged in so just be patient if you are early.

The Stream on Google Classroom

The Stream must be used correctly with proper English and punctuation please - no text language.

The Stream is not a 'chat' facility but you may comment on it to support your friends with their learning.

Work in your exercise book or on Google Classroom

Work must be completed to a high standard - just like when we are at school.  All spelling and punctuation must be accurate and it must not be written in 'text' speak.

Remember to write the date and Learning Objective.


You need to timetable in at least 30 mins of independent reading daily.

Oxford Owls - Log on for online reading books and spelling activities  https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/

Click on My Class Login at the top of the page and enter the details below:

Username: 5Nutt      Password:  britannia

Click on either ‘My Bookshelf’ or ‘Spelling Extra Practice Zone’.  Select the Age Group 9-11 in the Reading Section or Year 6 in the Spelling section.  




Files to Download

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